This will mostly be pictures that Paul takes and little bits about him. He is getting good at pictures and I'd like a place to share them. As time goes on this will be about all our children, since currently Dolores still doesn't quite know what to do with her hands! (she's three months old).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures Febuary 8, 2010

Moonshine in the hall

Motley Cat and Smokey on the washer

Mitten in the hall

One of Paul's favorite climbing devices, the folding stool

blinding himself

green Christmas light

blue and red Christmas lights

Mommy's bed

I think this is also Mommy's bed

rocking chair

Daddy's bed

Mommy's pocket

The String! A must have for Paul, the kitty playing device!

the side of Bobcat

wasn't blind enough

Mommy's pocket

Paul loves the string!

side of Bobcat, his favorite cat, always up for string playtime!

more flash in the face

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