This will mostly be pictures that Paul takes and little bits about him. He is getting good at pictures and I'd like a place to share them. As time goes on this will be about all our children, since currently Dolores still doesn't quite know what to do with her hands! (she's three months old).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10, 2010


Pictures Paul took yesterday.

DSCF2310 DSCF2311

dirty legs

DSCF2312 DSCF2313

Pepper and in Paul’s words just now “picture of my bus, picture of my rocking, picture of my mess”

 DSCF2314 DSCF2315 DSCF2316

“picture of my hat, picture of my race”

DSCF2317 DSCF2318 DSCF2319

“picture of my balloon”


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